2018 Report on Automotive and Stationary Storage Applications

The researchers at Yole Developpement estimate that global annual growth rate in the field of battery storage applications 2017 - 2023 will reach 27,6% and will mainly be driven by full electric vehicles, for which sales will surpass $51,6 billion value by 2023. ETI with our Battery Fuses product line is and will remain one of the trusted safety component suppliers in this field.

Battery component suppliers

The strengthening regulations for reducing CO2 emissions and needs for the reduction of air pollution in cities are the strongest drivers for battery applications, such as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), full battery vehicles (BEVs), electric buses and trucks, and stationary battery applications. BEVs, considered as zero-emission vehicles, are eligible for more incentives than PHEVs. The hurdles for faster deployment of BEVs are the high price for batteries and still relatively short driving range. Strongly decreasing battery cell costs, together with continuously improving cell technologies, play in favor of using larger-capacity battery packs, enabling longer driving range, and thus greater BEV deployment.

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